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Cookies from Gingerbeard Bakery.

Cookies from Gingerbeard Bakery.

Photographer: Frank Frances for Bloomberg Pursuits

The Most Delicious (and Best Looking!) Holiday Cookies for 2021

Spread some holiday joy this year with delicious mail-order treats from these top bakers across the U.S.

Whether it’s an exquisitely decorated treat that evokes a falling snowflake, or a brilliantly decadent take on a classic recipe, there’s simply no better way to create instant holiday cheer than by giving someone a cookie. You don’t even have to make it yourself! Some of the most thrilling cookies this year are from mail-order companies that will send joy right to your friend’s mailbox. Here are seven standouts that make fantastic gifts, or—let’s be honest—sweet indulgences for yourself. 

There’s a wait list for Last Crumb confections, which come in such over-the-top flavors as “50 Cent,” a treat slathered with white frosting and sprinkles. The “Netflix and Crunch” boasts a streusel topping and a hit of vanilla milk; it’s inspired by the joy that a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch can inspire. Founders Derek Jaeger and Alana Arnold treat their supersized, fudgy cookies like a sneaker drop, releasing them on a weekly basis in limited quantities that sell out in less than a minute. The cookies, which arrive in a box big enough to hold a couple of pairs of Air Jordans, go for about $12 each and come with a booklet that tells the backstory behind each one. ($140 for box of 12)