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Six Small Business Leaders on What It Takes to Survive the Pandemic Economy

From Florida to San Francisco, six managers went through the biggest challenge of their professional lives this year. Here's how they’re adapting and learning to rethink growth.

Agustín Arteaga, director of the Dallas Museum of Art

Agustín Arteaga, director of the Dallas Museum of Art

Photograph: Laura Buckman for Bloomberg Markets

Building a business is never easy, but 2020 has been a unique calamity. In the U.S., which has suffered more Covid-19 deaths than any other nation, the economy entered its worst downturn in generations. Although central bank stimulus and government programs such as the Paycheck Protection Program have helped cushion the blow, a return to growth will depend on the creativity and resilience of millions of entrepreneurs and business managers.

For a glimpse at how it’s going, Bloomberg Markets talked to leaders of four small businesses and two arts organizations over several months. Their journeys have all been different, but they share a spirit of perseverance often lost in economic statistics. These are their stories.