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Fourth of July celebrations around L.A.

Fourth of July celebrations around L.A.

Photographer: Dylan + Jeni for Bloomberg

This Independence Day, Free Yourselves From Burgers and Hot Dogs

It’s time to honor other, more exciting traditions. Here, seven Los Angeles culinary experts explain how they celebrate their own cultural cuisines.

A sea of shining grills stretches across the nation on the 4th of July, topped with sizzling burgers and hot dogs. That’s the story we’ve been reading and writing for decades, since way before I became part of the culinary journalism world.

But throughout America, there is a rich tradition of celebration through shared meals that goes well beyond this story. On summer holidays, people draw upon a rainbow of dining and drinking cultures to gather and eat, and these less-shared stories highlight heritages so varied they’d make a dazzling picnic quilt.