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Why Jeb Bush's Bracket Has More Madness Than Obama's

In bracketology as in politics, character is destiny.
Photograph: Getty Images

For the seventh year , President Obama filled out his NCAA Tournament bracket today with ESPN’s Andy Katz. (Katz, who is one of Obama’s regular visitors for pick-up games at the White House, always makes sure to return the favor.) 

Three years ago, typically, Mitt Romney wasn’t sporting enough to join the NCAA Bracket fun, but generally, politicians know the value of spending five minutes filling in names of schools with players you’ve never heard of. It’s always nice to briefly engage the country by participating in the same ritual they all are: It reminds them you used to be human. You can criticize a politician for being a phony sports fan by filling out a bracket when they don’t actually watch a lot of college basketball … but honestly, how much college basketball do watch, pal? Yet I bet you found a way to fill out a bracket regardless.