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BNY Mellon Pershing Insite Day Two

Dan Ahrens, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at AdvisorShares Investments, discusses investing in vice-related ETFs. Ainslie Simmonds, President of Pershing X, shares her thoughts on the impact of digital disruption on the advisory community. Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Joel Weber and Businessweek Assistant Managing Editor Jim Ellis have the details of Jim's Businessweek cover story Inflation Has Americans Uneasy About Everything. Jim Dickson, Founder and CEO of Sanctuary Wealth, talks about the evolution of the RIA industry. Ram Nagappan, Chief Information Officer at BNY Mellon Pershing, discusses the digitization of the advisory industry. Tonia Bottoms, Senior Managing Counsel at BNY Mellon Pershing, explains why DEI is so important in the financial advice community. And we Drive to the Close with Laurie Brignac, CIO and Head of Global Liquidity at Invesco. Hosts: Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec. Producer: Paul Brennan.

Jun 16, 2022

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