When Susan Fowler, a former engineer at Uber, told Human Resources she was being sexually harassed, the company did nothing about it, she said. When she discovered other women had reported being harassed by the same manager, HR still did nothing. Last week, in a viral blog post, Fowler painted a picture of a toxic work environment where management ignores bad behavior and punishes people like Fowler. Her story is not unique to Uber, or the technology industry.

This week on Game Plan, Francesca and Rebecca dive into toxic workplaces, how people cope with them, and how they finally get out. Maureen Sherry, a former trader at Bear Stearns joins them to talk about the bro culture of Wall Street, where she endured sexual harassment for 12 years before finally getting fed up and leaving.

(Corrects spelling of Bear Stearns in second paragraph.)

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