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GPTZero App Seeks to Thwart AI Plagiarism in Schools, Online Media

  • Startup attracted 1.2 million registered users since January
  • New product Origin is aimed at media like New York Times, BBC
A conversation with ChatGPT.

A conversation with ChatGPT.

Photographer: Nicolas Maeterlinck/AFP/Getty Images

Journalists, screenwriters and college professors are among widening groups of people who are concerned about eventually losing their livelihoods to artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT, which can produce copy faster and possibly better than humans. But one entrepreneur is pursuing technology to make it easier to distinguish between text written by people and that composed by a machine.

Edward Tian, a 22-year-old Princeton University student studying computer science and journalism, developed an app called GPTZero to deter the misuse of the viral chatbot ChatGPT in classrooms. The app has racked up 1.2 million registered users since January.