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The Real Climate Job of the Future: Carbon Accountant

When people realize that no technological silver bullet is going to fix climate change, it will be time to call in the consultants.

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Illustration: Connor Willumsen for Bloomberg Green

My children, 11-year-old twins, vaguely college-bound, will be entering the workforce right as the compost hits the turbine. I know I’m supposed to look at them and apologize for the sins of our fossil-fueled world and chain myself to the doors of a coal plant to hasten mitigation. But that would be an awful embarrassment to my daughters, and I’m shy. And I’m not that worried about history judging me. History is gonna be kinda busy.

But still. What’s a climate dad to do? I can’t just buy them tall boots (we live in New York City) and call it a day. So, in the interest of fatherhood, I’ve been looking at all the climate-tech startups coming online. Which climate jobs should they pursue? Should I steer them into hydrogen? Nuclear? Biotech? Something something something solar? Should I wake them up each morning and whisper, “Batteries”?