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North Korean Defectors Are Dying Lonely Deaths in Wealthy South

  • Recent deaths of North Korea defectors go viral in South Korea
  • Covid-19 exposes wide holes in social safety net for defectors
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WATCH: North Korean defectors take a life-threatening 3,000 mile journey to escape from one of the world’s most repressive regimes.Yet now — some want to go back. Here are their storiesSource: Bloomberg
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Her badly decomposed body was found in a rundown Seoul apartment about a year after she died, discovered only after government housing officials sought to evict her for failing to pay the rent. 

The woman, 49, had been well known in the community of North Korean defectors. After fleeing the reclusive nation in the early 2000s, she soon became a success story for South Korea’s resettlement program — even counseling other defectors on how to transition to life in a modern nation.