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The Shopping Tech That Helps Influencers Make Money

LTK works with fashion influencers to sell merchandise directly to customers, a task social media platforms have struggled with.

Jen Adams, known as @interiordesignarella on Instagram.

Jen Adams, known as @interiordesignarella on Instagram.

Photographer: Maggie Shannon for Bloomberg Businessweek

On a good day, Jen Adams posts more than a dozen photos to social media, displaying a wide range of new outfits. The neutral colors she loves— beige, gray and black—contrast with her bubbly personality, which comes through in the hundreds of warm comments and heart-eyes emojis she sends to her 823,000 Instagram followers.

To the casual scroller, Adams—who goes by @interiordesignerella—appears to spend her days shopping and showing off. But behind the scenes is a sophisticated marketing business, an always-on operation with strict daily sales goals and about a dozen active partnerships with brands at any time. Adams has nine staffers, three of them working full time. “I am a shopping platform,” she says.