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Microsoft to Add ChatGPT to Azure Cloud Services ‘Soon’

Microsoft, in talks for further investment in OpenAI, is widely releasing Azure service based on earlier partnership

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Microsoft Is Said to Mull $10 Billion ChatGPT Creator Investment

Microsoft Corp. said it will add OpenAI’s viral artificial intelligence bot ChatGPT to its cloud-based Azure service “soon,” building on an existing relationship between the two companies as Microsoft mulls taking a far larger stake in OpenAI.

The software giant announced the broad availability of its Azure OpenAI Service, which has been available to a limited set of customers since it was unveiled in 2021. The service gives Microsoft's cloud customers access to various OpenAI tools like the GPT-3.5 language system that ChatGPT is based on, as well as the Dall-E model for generating images from text prompts, the company said in a blog post.  That enables Azure customers to use the OpenAI products in their own applications running in the cloud.