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Your Saturday Asia Briefing: China’s Reluctant Tourists

Something for the weekend.

Chinese travelers are back (sort of).

Chinese travelers are back (sort of).

Source: Bloomberg

Barely a week old, and 2023 is already full of dismal surprises. From the spectacle of Republican bickering that augurs badly for the US Congress, to the ongoing war in Ukraine and China’s messy reopening there’s plenty to dampen the weekend spirit. Fear not, the best remedy for the post-holiday blues is to start planning your next vacation. Here’s a travel-themed way to unwind.

The big event this weekend in Asia is the latest reopening of China and Hong Kong for international travel, a moment many in the global hospitality industry have been waiting for after a three-year absence of China’s high-spending tourists. But don’t expect a huge surge of visitors from the Middle Kingdom any time soon. Here are the reasons for Chinese travelers to stay put.