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Tencent Billionaire Goes on a Tirade as Cracks Appear in Empire

  • Pony Ma goes on a year-end rant against laziness and graft
  • It was a rare show of frustration from a mild-mannered CEO
Pony Ma 

Pony Ma 

Photographer: David Wong/South China Morning Post/Getty Images

Many multinational CEOs like to close out the year with a message of congratulations. Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s billionaire co-founder Pony Ma delivered a no-holds-barred rant about slacking, oblivious and even corrupt employees.

Ma’s tirade marked a rare show of frustration for the usually mild-mannered mogul who helped create China’s largest internet firm away from the spotlight. Last week, the tycoon convened a town-hall meeting to personally deliver a blistering attack against the way staff managed businesses from social media and content to gaming. The message: with the survival of some businesses in doubt, they all needed to get their act together, according to people who attended the 10-minute lecture.