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Ohio Man Who Posed in Tub Full of Cash to Plead Guilty in Bitcoin Theft Case

  • Gary Harmon accused of stealing tokens taken from his brother
  • Seized Bitcoin stolen as US agents watched helplessly
Gary Harmon in a tub full of money.
Gary Harmon in a tub full of money.Source: U.S District Court for the District of Columbia

An Ohio man who posed in a tub full of cash is scheduled to plead guilty after he was charged with remotely stealing Bitcoin stored on a computer device the government seized in a case against his older brother.

Gary Harmon, 31, is to appear for a “plea agreement hearing” in federal court in Washington, DC, on Dec. 22, court records show. Harmon was charged after 713 digital tokens, then worth almost $5 million, disappeared from a hardware wallet in an Internal Revenue Service evidence locker as authorities watched helplessly.