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Elizabeth Holmes Asks for a Lenient 18-Month Sentence at Home

  • Media caricature ensures endless punishment, her lawyers argue
  • Theranos founder revisits her rape in memo, is now a counselor
Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes

Photographer: Nic Coury/Bloomberg

Convicted Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes said she deserves to spend 18 months in home confinement, not prison, asking the judge who will sentence her next week to look beyond the “mocked and vilified” caricature of her as a cheat, and to instead see her as a human being.

Ten months after she was found guilty of defrauding investors who lost hundreds of millions of dollars in her blood-testing startup, the 38-year-old filed a request for leniency late Thursday accompanied by letters from more than 130 friends, relatives, Theranos investors and former company employees who describe what her lawyers called “the real Elizabeth Holmes.”