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Binance Data Shows 40% of Major Holdings Are BUSD, BNB

  • Exchange holds $74.7 billion worth of tokens, data shows
  • Around $23 billion are in BUSD, $6.4 billion in Binance Coin
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Binance Holdings’ major crypto token holdings include $74.7 billion worth of coins, of which around 40% are in its branded stablecoin and native coin, according to data compiled by Nansen based on information from the world’s largest digital-asset exchange.

Of the $74.6 billion termed as net worth, about $23 billion was in the BUSD stablecoin, issued by Paxos, and $6.4 billion in its Binance Coin, according to Nansen. The exchange also has 10.5% of its major token holdings in Bitcoin and 9.8% in Ether, Nansen data shows. In a Nov. 10 blog post, Binance said its disclosure of holdings was a “snapshot” of major token holdings and “starting point,” and that more data will be shared later in a “full audited report.” While Binance shared details of its reserves, the dashboard does not break down how much of the assets are its own holdings, versus those of its customers.