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Climate Politics

GOP Plans to Offer Oil, Gas and Trees As Climate Fixes in Next Congress

If they prevail in the midterms, Republican lawmakers want to revisit past proposals to stem climate change, in part by ramping up domestic production of fossil fuels. 

Pigeon River Country State Forest in Vanderbilt, Michigan. 

Pigeon River Country State Forest in Vanderbilt, Michigan. 

Photographer: Erin Kirkland/Bloomberg

Republicans in Congress are dusting off past plans to address climate change as they prepare for the likely prospect they will win control of at least one chamber of Congress in the midterm elections next week. Their ideas include planting millions of trees and boosting energy efficiency, hydropower, nuclear energy and carbon sequestration. They would also increase domestic fossil fuel production by expanding federal oil and gas leasing and banning energy development moratoriums on federal lands. 

“Our energy solutions are climate solutions,” said Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican from Washington State who is poised to lead the House Energy and Commerce Committee next year if the GOP takes control of the chamber. “America can and must lead the world in reducing emissions without trading our security to the Chinese Communist Party and sacrificing our energy reliability and affordability to OPEC+.”