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Putin Plays Down Nuclear Threat in Ukraine as He Lambasts US

  • Russian president praises Saudi, Chinese leaders’ independence
  • Putin claims broad support from ‘traditional values’ advocates
Bloomberg business news
Russian President Vladimir Putin says the West is trying to secure global domination and dictate their terms to other nations in a “dangerous and bloody” domination game. He spoke in Moscow. (In Russian with English subtitles)Source: Bloomberg

President Vladimir Putin lashed out at the US and Europe over his war in Ukraine, heaped praise on Saudi Arabia and reiterated support for China’s claim to Taiwan as he sought to cast Russia as a champion of conservative values against Western liberalism.

He accused the US and its allies of seeking global domination by pouring weapons into Ukraine to help it defend itself against Russia’s invasion, in an annual meeting Thursday with the Kremlin’s Valdai discussion club of foreign-policy experts outside Moscow. He denied intending to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.