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These Are the Seven Best New Pizza Spots in New York City

From signature slices to trailblazing toppings, your ultimate guide to the top new pizza spots in town.

An array of pinsa pizzas from One Fifth.

An array of pinsa pizzas from One Fifth.

Photographer: Evan Sung

Everyone knows New York is a pizza town. Pizza in the Big Apple always makes headlines, especially when the rising cost of a classic slice is tied to the city’s economics. New York’s five boroughs are home to thousands of pies of varying styles, shapes, origin stories, and symbiotic roots. Neapolitan, Detroit-style, Roman-style, Sicilian, grandma, square, deep-dish, coal-fired, bar, and the classic New York slice all have  audiences, even when they’re less than great.

Here’s good news for pizza enthusiasts who are willing to give a new pie a chance. The past year has brought the debuts of a handful of exciting joints, a number of them backed by seasoned chefs and restaurateurs. They’re re-conceiving the classics, and bringing some lesser-known (to NY) styles to the forefront. “We had wanted to open a pizzeria way before the pandemic happened,” says Jeff Katz, co-owner of Mel’s with chef Melissa Rodriguez. “But I think Mel’s might have caught on so quickly because a pizzeria can also be the center of a neighborhood. And I think pizzerias give the communities around them a familiar way back to dining out in full service restaurants.”