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Torched Stocks Are About the Only Thing Working in Fed’s Favor

  • Wealth destruction is similar to GFC when viewed next to GDP
  • Inflation has moderated after prior S&P drops of at least 19%
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Boaz Weinstein on Market Worries: 'We're in a Fog'

Source: Bloomberg

Inflation shows few signs of cooling in the economy. The same cannot be said of markets, which are starting to seem like the only thing the Federal Reserve has going for it these days.

Even with Thursday’s big bounce, the S&P 500 has lost a quarter of its value this year. Shocking as that’s been for investors, it’s one of the few things happening anywhere that actually accords with the Fed’s goal of draining the economy of bloat. Recently, the toll in terms of wealth destroyed -- about $15 trillion to date -- has started to approach that of the 2008 financial crisis, when measured against US gross domestic product.