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What If Apple Made an E-Bike?

The rise of micromobility presents Apple with a chance to make its most revolutionary product since the iPhone. 

A woman rides an e-bike in Frankfurt, Germany. 

A woman rides an e-bike in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Photographer: Arne Dedert/picture alliance/Getty Images

For seven years, Horace Dediu has been thinking about one idea almost every day. A longtime handset industry analyst and avid Apple follower, Dediu, 54, also popularized the term “micromobility” to describe a growing array of small, non-car electric vehicles. His obsession is at the intersection of all those interests: Dediu is convinced that Apple Inc. should make an e-bike, or something like it. 

“I fundamentally believe there's no better product for Apple in mobility than micromobility,” Dediu says. “It is so Apple, so Jobs-ian that it just smacks you in the face…Steve would have been all over this.”