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Starbucks Ex-Manager Says He Was Told to Punish Pro-Union Employees

  • Company faces hundreds of union-busting allegations by NLRB
  • ‘You should discourage them,’ former manager said he was told
A customer enters a Starbucks Corp. store.

A customer enters a Starbucks Corp. store.

Photographer: Justin Chin/Bloomberg

A former Starbucks Corp. store manager in New York said he was instructed to single out and discipline pro-union employees for unrelated reasons, such as wearing purple pants. 

David Almond, who managed a series of Buffalo-area cafes, testified under oath to a National Labor Relations Board judge in August that Starbucks higher-ups listed names of employees the company had determined supported the union, and told him to punish them. The transcript of Almond’s testimony was obtained by Bloomberg through a Freedom of Information Act request.