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Kim Jong Un Touts ‘Tactical’ Nukes in Possible Prelude to Test

  • North Korean leader claims more advances in weapons program
  • Latest sign regime may be preparing for atomic bomb test
Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

Source: KCNA/KNS/AP Photo

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Kim Jong Un said he launched a new ballistic missile and simulated “tactical” nuclear strikes during recent military drills, in the latest sign that North Korea is preparing for its first atomic test in five years. 

Kim described a series of exercises since Sept. 25, which included the first missile fired over Japan in five years, as a “severe warning” to the US and its allies, the state-run Korean Central News Agency said Monday. The drills included simulated nuclear strikes on airports in South Korea, tests of underwater missile silos and rocket attacks on seaports, the report said, describing the moves as responses to US-led naval exercises.