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People Struggling to Get Pregnant Are Turning to Fintechs to Pay for Fertility Treatments

  • Fintech startups offering financing for fertility services
  • Some 29% of US consumers finance treatments with credit cards
In vitro fertilisation, artwork
Source: Science Photo Library/KTSDESIG/Getty Images

Victoria Borges and her husband Caio only found out they were carriers of cystic fibrosis after their first son Lucas was diagnosed with the disease at three weeks old. So when the Atlanta-based couple decided to have another child a few years later, they hoped to use in-vitro fertilization to avoid passing on the genetic condition.

But at around $40,000-- and not covered by insurance-- the cost was far too high for them to be paid out of pocket. The Borges borrowed most of the funds from Future Family, a buy-now-pay-later startup that provides financing for fertility services. They are paying back the loan in 60 monthly installments at a fixed interest rate of 7.99%.