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Russians Are Less Sure of Ukraine War’s Success, Poll Shows

  • 31% of surveyed believe conflict not going in right direction
  • Putin’s call-up of reservists alarms majority of Russians
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Russians Flee to Kazakhstan to Avoid Mobilization

A growing number of Russians are concerned that the seven-month-old invasion of Ukraine is going badly and most are alarmed at President Vladimir Putin’s decision to call up 300,000 reservists after major battlefield losses, an opinion poll showed Thursday.

The survey by independent pollster Levada Center was conducted in the days after Putin ordered a partial mobilization, forcing the population for the first time to confront the reality of the war. That step provoked feelings of fear, alarm or shock in 70% of respondents, with many worrying that a full-scale nationwide call-up will follow. A total of 66% believe that’s a possibility, compared to 28% in February.