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Liz Cheney Introduces Electoral Vote Bill to Avoid Repeat of Jan. 6

  • Bill raises bar for objections, defines vice president’s role
  • Bipartisan group working on similar Senate legislation
Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney

Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg

Republican Representative Liz Cheney introduced a bill Monday that would change how Congress counts presidential electors to reduce the chances of another effort to overturn election results like that mounted by former President Donald Trump last year.

Co-sponsored with Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren, the legislation would direct challenges to state elections to courts and limit the vice president’s role in electoral vote-counting as “ministerial.” That grew out of Trump’s attempt to pressure his vice president, Mike Pence, to take action as the Senate’s presiding officer during the counting of the Electoral College results to obstruct or delay formal certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 victory.