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Plenty to Build ‘World’s Largest’ Indoor Vertical Farming Complex

The $300 million, 120-acre facility in Virginia will grow crops including strawberries, leafy greens and tomatoes.

Plenty Unlimited Inc.

Plenty Unlimited Inc.


Plenty Unlimited Inc. said Wednesday it will build the world’s largest indoor vertical farming campus on 120 acres near Richmond, Virginia. The $300 million facility will grow multiple crops, including leafy greens and tomatoes, starting with a Driscoll’s strawberry farm in the winter of 2023-2024. The company says the project, expected to produce up to 20 million pounds of produce annually, will also create 300 new jobs. 

The farm complex will include 30-foot climate-controlled and pesticide-free grow towers that maximize light exposure for crops, which will be tended to in part by tall robotic arms. Similar locations in California and a research center in Wyoming already provide kale, mizuna and arugula to Whole Foods Market Inc. and Instacart Inc.