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China’s Coastal Provinces Brace for Super Typhoon’s Impact

  • Typhoon Hinnamnor expected to move northward to East China Sea
  • Flights to and from Japan’s Okinawa disrupted by the storm
Super Typhoon Hinnamnor on Aug. 31.

Super Typhoon Hinnamnor on Aug. 31.


China’s coastal provinces are taking steps to prepare for the strongest global storm of 2022 as Super Typhoon Hinnamnor is expected to move northward into the East China Sea. 

The weather system is south of Japan’s Ryukyu Islands and its center is expected to remain in the seas east of Taiwan in the next couple of days, according to a forecast from the Hong Kong Observatory. The storm currently has sustained winds of about 144 miles per hour and gusts of around 173 mph, according to the US Joint Typhoon Warning Center.