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Michigan Abortion Battle Likely Headed for State's Supreme Court After Deadlock

  • Referendum sponsors will have to sue to get measure on ballot
  • Battle is latest state skirmish after Supreme Court decision
Gretchen Whitmer
Gretchen WhitmerPhotographer: Jeff Kowalsky/Bloomberg

The abortion battle in Michigan is likely headed to the state’s Supreme Court after a bipartisan committee deadlocked along party lines about whether to include on the November ballot a proposal to make the procedure legal.

The state’s four-member board voted 2-2, which keeps the measure off the ballot and sets up a legal fight in which the referendum’s sponsors will have to sue to put the popular measure before the state’s voters. The panel’s vote is supposed to be procedural, simply verifying that the measure got the needed 450,000 signatures and that the ballot language is clear. Its sponsors collected more than 700,000 names.