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Tokyo Wants to Build a Mini-City in its Bay

An ambitious project in an unpopulated part of Tokyo Bay aims to build a high-tech, sustainable city-within-a-city on reclaimed land.

A rendering of the Tokyo Bay eSG Project.

A rendering of the Tokyo Bay eSG Project.

Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

In “Akira,” the celebrated animation film depicting a post-apocalyptic “Neo-Tokyo,” the city’s bay is almost entirely filled up with reclaimed land. That hasn’t happened yet in the real world, but the government of Tokyo doesn’t think it’s such a bad idea.

Manabu Miyasaka, a deputy governor for Japan’s capital, is embarking on an ambitious project to build a futuristic city by creating more land where there’s currently water. Called the Tokyo Bay eSG Project , the goal is to boost international competitiveness by creating a sustainable city and embracing cutting-edge digital technologies.