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The Search for New Talent Has Companies Welcoming Refugees

Tent Partnership for Refugees, a nonprofit founded by Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya, helps people displaced by conflict or persecution—and the numbers are increasing—find jobs.

Azimullah Zarifi at work at Amcor in Wisconsin.

Azimullah Zarifi at work at Amcor in Wisconsin.

Photographer: Brittney Cloudman/Amcor

In 2017, when Azimullah Zarifi was 18, his family thought it was safe in Kunduz, Afghanistan, to reopen their car dealership, which had drawn the Taliban’s ire for serving American and German customers. But after a gunmen opened fire on the shop, Zarifi was hit by five bullets and lost his right leg.

Four years later, he was one of the last Afghans to be evacuated during the US military’s withdrawal. Zarifi bounced from Qatar to Germany to Texas before ending up in Oshkosh, Wis., where he was hired to work on the production floor of Amcor Plc, a global packaging company. “In my country, there was no work, my life was in danger,” says Zarifi, now 23, in halting English. “Lot of things [are] better in this country, and I am happy now.”