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Ukraine Strategy Targets Russian Army’s Lifelines in Kherson

  • Military strikes bridges, supply lines, avoids assault for now
  • Russia diverts troops from Donbas to bolster southern forces
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For weeks now, Ukrainian forces have methodically targeted supply lines of Russian troops occupying the strategically important region and city of Kherson. That doesn’t mean they may be close to launching a large-scale offensive to take it back.

Outgunned despite supplies of new weapons from its US and European allies, Ukraine’s military has so far avoided a major assault on the southern city that straddles the Dnipro river and was among the first to fall to Russia’s invasion. Instead, they’ve focused on a policy of attrition, deploying US-supplied HIMARS artillery missiles and other long-range weapons to blow up bridges used to resupply Russian troops dug in on Kherson’s west bank.