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Drive-Thru Restaurants Find Fast Lane to Profit as Pandemic Habits Stick

Coming soon: pneumatic tubes at Taco Bell, a Texas burger joint with dedicated lanes for big rigs and alcohol, and the country’s first drive-thru Sweetgreen.

The Saigon Hustle drive-thru in Houston.

The Saigon Hustle drive-thru in Houston.

Source: Saigon Hustle

Among the many places to get a banh mi in Houston is the drive-through lane at Saigon Hustle.

The seven-month-old spot was started by Cassie Ghaffar and Sandy Nguyen, in part to create something for busy parents who don’t want to deal with getting kids out of cars and into restaurants. “Its convenient and accessible to not only moms like us but people who aren’t familiar with Vietnamese food,” says Ghaffar. “We wanted to streamline and simplify how to get Vietnamese food quickly and efficiently and without compromising authenticity.”