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Homebuyers Turn to New England Bargains in Hottest US Markets

New England dominates a list of the hottest zip codes for housing in the US this year.

Homes along Highland Lake in Windham, Maine.
Homes along Highland Lake in Windham, Maine.Photographer: Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Portland Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

Goodbye Austin, Texas. Hello … Hooksett, New Hampshire?

Sun Belt cities including the Texas capital have dominated various lists of the top housing markets in recent years. Now, with higher mortgage rates beginning to cool the boomtowns of the South and West, a new region is heating up.

Six of the top 10 places on’s list of the hottest zip codes in the US this year are in New England, including Windham, Maine, and North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Hooksett, New Hampshire — another town on the list — is located about 60 miles north of Boston, which makes it a practical choice for workers who have been freed from the daily commute by the rise of remote-working.