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As Ukraine War Distracts World, 900,000 May Die in West Africa

  • Medical group says funding dwindling as need rises in Sahel
  • Shortage of fertilizer from Black Sea to worsen situation

With a world distracted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and after more than a decade of conflicts across West Africa’s Sahel region, funding for a humanitarian crisis has slumped, imperiling the lives of 900,000 people, a medical association working in the area said. 

With more than 38.3 million people food insecure across West Africa, almost all of them in six nations with Sahel regions abutting the Sahara Desert, just $1.3 billion of the $3.8 billion needed has been secured as of the end of June, Kader Issaley, operations director for the Alliance for International Medical Action said, citing the latest figures available.