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Grand Theft Auto VI Will Have Female Main Character for First Time In Series' History

A release date at least two years away, the series' first female protagonist, and the new map: Here's everything we know about the next installment of GTA.

"Grand Theft Auto V"
"Grand Theft Auto V"Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg
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After a public controversy four years ago, Rockstar, the maker of Grand Theft Auto, is reinventing itself as a kinder, gentler company. But employees aren’t sure it can still produce the chart-topping caliber of game the studio has become known for.

The development of Grand Theft Auto VI has been slower than impatient fans and even longtime employees have expected, despite morale across the company being higher than ever, according to many staffers. Between the company’s new direction and the 2019 departure of Dan Houser, who led creative direction on many previous games, all indications suggest Grand Theft Auto VI will feel very different than its predecessor.