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Odd Lots

Why the US Dollar Is Booming and Creating a Possible Doom Loop

The dollar's gain is the rest of the world's pain

Pakistan's Indebted Economy Careens Toward Another IMF Bailout
Photographer: Asim Hafeez/Bloomberg

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Every time a crisis hits, you get a new round of people warning about the end of US dollar dominance. The Covid crisis and its aftermath is no exception. It may be that the world will change over the long run in some way that does help to dislodge the greenback. But in the meantime, concerns about a looming recession mean that the dollar is booming against other currencies. It’s at a 20-year high against the euro, and it’s soared against the yen as well. So why has the dollar been rising? And what is the impact of that on the world economy? On this episode, we speak with Jon Turek, the founder of JST Advisors, and the author of the Cheap Convexity Blog, about why the dollar’s been so strong, and the risk of a potential “doom loop” that will drag down the global economy.

Why the US Dollar Is Booming And Crea...