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The Next Generation of Abortion Doctors Train in California

Health-care providers and medical schools are stepping up training efforts as the state positions itself as a haven for abortion seekers.

Medical equipment in an examination room.

Medical equipment in an examination room.

Photographer: Catherine McQueen/Moment via Getty Images

Growing up, Prachi Priyam didn’t know she wanted to help people get abortions. She wasn’t even sure if she believed women should terminate pregnancies.

But in her first year of college she met people who needed access to the procedure, and Priyam realized she “didn’t have any idea” the kinds of life experiences that could lead someone to make that decision. Later, working in public health in communities that didn’t have access to sexual education or contraception, “I just knew that I believed that abortion should be an option for any individual,” she said. By medical school, she decided she wanted to be a part of ensuring her patients had that choice.