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For the James Webb Telescope, Now the Real Work Begins

From looking for signs of life on exoplanets to unexplored areas of our own solar system, scientists lucky enough to have had their projects picked are digging in. 

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Giant Leap: James Webb Space Telescope Unveils Earliest Images of Universe

With the help of none other than the president of the United States, the James Webb Space Telescope unveiled its first, full color images this week, overpowering older photos by the Hubble Space Telescope and garnering gasps of wonder from all over the world.

As impressive as those first pictures are, not to mention the telescope’s ability to see almost to the beginning of time, there’s a lot more to the James Webb telescope. On this special episode of Bloomberg’s “Giant Leap,” we meet five of the many scientists who will be using it to analyze not only the earliest galaxies, but unexplored regions of our own solar system and Earth-like planets orbiting nearby stars that just might support life.