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Recruiters Are Burned Out, And Gen Z Job Demands Aren’t Helping

Hiring professionals are exasperated by bold pay requirements and fickleness from young job applicants amid Great Resignation turbulence.

Business people negotiating a contract

Photographer: ljubaphoto/E+/Getty Images

After a frustrating year of trying to find and place job candidates amid the turbulence of the Great Resignation, recruiters and hiring managers say they are burned out — and some of them point to the over-the-top demands and fickleness of young applicants as a key source of tension.

These job seekers are contributing to a heavy burden: Nearly a third of recruiters said they experience extreme stress on a weekly basis because of their work, according to a December survey by human-resources analytics firm Veris Insights. The research found that 77% of high-ranking recruiters are open to changing jobs, along with 65% of HR professionals — a figure that rose 17 percentage points from September to November last year.