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The US Is Thwarting China’s Love Affair With Israeli Tech

Ahead of President Biden’s visit to Jerusalem, his administration continues to push for more restrictions in a pressure campaign to cut Beijing off from a crucial source of advanced technology.
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Illustration: Patrik Mollwing for Bloomberg Businessweek

On July 13, Joe Biden makes his first presidential visit to Israel. The country doesn’t see eye to eye with the US on a number of crucial foreign policy issues, such as the Biden administration’s attempts to revive the Iran nuclear deal or its tough stance on Russia over the war in Ukraine. But the trip could give Biden a chance to highlight real progress in another geopolitical arena: the US rivalry with China over advanced technologies.

A long-running US effort to steer Israel’s tech industry away from China had yielded only patchy results, but now it seems to be working. Ties between Israel’s tech sector and China have eroded in recent years, threatening to cut off a key remaining option for Beijing to access strategically important technology.