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‘Van Life’ Goes Electric as RV Makers Race to Lure Millennials

Winnebago and THOR Industries, Airstream’s parent, plan to roll out all-electric camper vans and trailers as customers seek sustainable road-tripping. But finding a charger in the great outdoors is still a challenge.

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Winnebago’s e-RV concept vehicle is based on a Ford Transit chassis and has a 86-kWh battery configuration that allows a range of about 120 miles while powering on-board systems.


A few weeks ago, at an RV industry showcase in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, I test drove an electric motorhome — a concept vehicle made by Winnebago Industries Inc. as it works on developing a commercial e-RV. More like a shuttle van with sleeping accommodations than a traditional motorhome, the concept e-RV can be charged in 45 minutes and can travel up to about 120 miles before needing a recharge.

I hopped into the driver’s seat and racheted it up to accommodate my short legs. Recalling the gray tank of my family’s Chevy Astro van circa 1992, I felt a twinge of anxiety. Then I started driving. It was asoundless, smooth ride.