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JPMorgan’s Aronov Ignores the ‘Cash Is Trash’ Chorus: Q&A

  • Capital preservation is the name of the game, says Aronov
  • Convertibles, closed-end funds at top of future shopping list
Oksana Aronov
Oksana AronovSource: Bloomberg

It’s a common motto among investors: Cash is trash. But Oksana Aronov, head of market strategy, alternative fixed income at JPMorgan Asset Management, says not so fast.

“I’ve been hearing about investors losing money sitting in cash, and that cash is trash for as long as I’ve been in this industry,” she said on this week’s episode of “What Goes Up.” “But the reality is that if you have been in cash for the last five years, you’ve essentially outperformed the Bloomberg Aggregate index year-to-date, over one year, three years, and, depending on the day, yes, even five years.”