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Clubhouse Tests Private Groups, Part of a Bid to Regain Relevance

The feature, known internally as Social Clubs or Houses, would let anyone in a group join the conversation.

Clubhouse Taking Shape as App for Stock Market Buffs
Photographer: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

Clubhouse, the voice chat app that captured the attention of Hollywood and Silicon Valley early in the pandemic, is experimenting with a new feature that lets users join private groups. Testing of the tool has expanded in recent weeks, around the same time that Clubhouse reduced headcount and embarked on a change in strategy.

The feature, which previously went by the name Social Clubs and is now known as Houses, appeared on some users’ phones in recent weeks, said people who shared screenshots of their apps with Bloomberg. A Bloomberg reporter also used a version of the feature on the app. On Wednesday, the functionality appeared to be removed from some phones after Bloomberg requested comment from Clubhouse, but it remained active for other users.