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Wall Street’s Classic Strategy Set for Worse Quarter Than 2008

  • Balanced allocation trade craters in age of elevated inflation
  • Hedging power of bonds pits JPMorgan Asset against Goldman
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Source: iStockphoto/Getty Images

Wall Street pros are famously still at loggerheads over the fate of the trillion-dollar 60/40 complex -- only this time the balanced investment strategy is posting losses on a scale that’s shocking even its biggest critics. 

With stocks and Treasuries tumbling anew thanks to the Federal Reserve’s increasingly hawkish policy direction, the time-honored method of allocating 60% to equities and 40% to fixed income has plunged about 14% so far this quarter. That’s a worse quarterly showing than in depths of the global financial crisis and during the once-in-a-century pandemic rout, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.