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Memories of Bitcoin-Beating Returns Keep Hex Holders Hanging On

  • Token has tumbled more than 90% from September all-time high
  • Hex ‘blockchain CD’ touts annual average returns of 38%

The more than 100,000 devotees to a little-known token called Hex swapping jokes and encouraging each other to stay bullish over the Telegram messaging app shows the desire to get rich quick remains as strong as ever in the midst of the latest crypto winter. 

Even though the coin is among the thousands that trade at just a few cents, it has developed an outsized profile. Hex’s creator, who goes by Richard Heart, has positioned himself at the center of the hype, projecting an over-the-top presence on social media with his designer track suits, expensive jewelry and luxury vehicles. While Heart projects endless optimism amid aggressive marketing, which includes old-fashioned direct-mail promotions, the value of the token has tumbled more than 90% from its all-time high in September.