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Musk Pledges No Changes at Twitter — for ‘Exceptional’ Workers

  • Top staff shouldn’t worry about job cuts, remote work, he says
  • Musk spoke to employees for first time since $44 billion deal
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The Main Takeaways From Musk's Address to Twitter Staff

Elon Musk, who met directly with Twitter Inc. employees for the first time since signing a $44 billion deal to acquire the social network, told staffers they shouldn’t worry about changes to their jobs once he takes over -- as long as their work is “exceptional,” that is.

At an all-hands meeting Thursday, Musk prompted a flurry of snarky, frustrated and concerned commentary on internal message boards with his remarks on several topics, including potential plans for layoffs and his approach to remote work. In both instances, Musk said that employees would be safe from job cuts and can continue to work remotely if they are creating “exceptional work.”