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It’s Not Exactly a Shortage, But Tampons Are Harder to Find Especially in These States

In Alaska, Hawaii and West Virginia, in-stock rates fell below 90%, around the mark where consumers start noticing empty shelves.

Tampon supply at Walgreens in Queens, New York.
Tampon supply at Walgreens in Queens, New York.

Photographer: Winston Wolf

For shoppers worried about a shortfall of tampons: It’s not as acute as it may seem anecdotally.

In mid-June, the share of menstrual-care products in stock across the US was about 92.5%, a drop from a 95% level for tampons and 96.7% for pads in early January, according data from market researcher IRI. The decline has sent some consumers scrambling for goods, but it doesn’t exactly amount to a national shortage — at least not to the extent seen with baby formula this year.