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The One

The Best—and Most Convenient—Way to Get That ‘Good’ Ice at Home

It’s a very good time to invest in GE Profile’s Opal nugget ice dispenser.

The Opal is 18 inches tall and 16 inches wide

The Opal is 18 inches tall and 16 inches wide

Photographer: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh for Bloomberg Businessweek

This time of year a good drink is, by definition, a cold one. The right ice matters, too—an old fashioned demands a big, clear, slow-melting cube; a julep isn’t a julep without crushed ice. And for soft drinks, the only right ice is the so-called good ice: the sort of chewable “nugget” made popular at Sonic Drive-In restaurants. The jet-black $699 Opal nugget ice maker dispenser from GE Profile produces exactly that: pinkie-tip-size pellets of compressed ice flakes. And with a 16-by-17-inch footprint, it can do it right from your countertop.