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Future of British Business

Male Workers Currently Outnumber Females 2-to-1 in the UK Fintech Industry, Report Finds

  • Men outnumber women by 2-to-1 in UK fintechs, report says
  • Industry should engage with female students on career paths

The UK’s fintech industry must attract more women to its workforce and create a more inclusive environment in the fight for talent, according to new research that shows the burgeoning sector has less gender diversity than the broader finance industry. 

Male workers currently outnumber females 2-to-1 in the UK fintech industry, trade body Innovate Finance and consulting firm EY said in a report, citing Tech Nation, a network for entrepreneurs. Women made up 44% of the wider finance sector’s overall workforce in 2019, according to Catalyst, a nonprofit advocating for more women-friendly workplaces.